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Marriage, Couples, and Individual Counseling


Marriage, Couples, & Individual Counseling

You feel alone and misunderstood in your relationship. You and your partner are having difficulty communicating, and you barely feel like friends let alone lovers. You’re concerned about the impact your relationship is having on your kids and wondering if things can ever get better – You’ve heard relationships can be good, really good, and you want that! Maybe it’s anxiety – worry seems to be taking over, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed with the demands of life. It could be that you are repeating destructive patterns from your past and want to break those patterns. Relationships, kids, work, life can feel like too much even for the healthiest among us. We know, we have been there. We work best with couples and individuals committed to living out their highest ideals, working toward their best life – the good life. We are avid researchers, readers, and truth seekers who have done this work for ourselves and who would love to pass on what we’ve learned to you. Let us help you put your “house” together, A STRONGHOUSE!

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We all have marital and personal internal houses that are either built to last, thrive, and weather the storms and challenges of this life, or built-in manner that has made that vision very difficult to achieve – too often leading to relationship failure, anxiety, depression, and a sense of disappointment and regret when forced to truly examine one’s life. We strive, and work to help you strive, toward a life well lived, a life with limited regrets, and a life where you and others can say, “well done.”

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