Our Philosophy, Distinctives, And Approach to Therapy

Our Philosophy, Distinctives, And Approach to Therapy

“Life is difficult” – Let’s get that truth out there so we don’t have unrealistic expectations about this human experience we are all having.  Life’s difficulties, its pain points, are often connected to relationship. Past or present, in the context of marriage and relationships, family, work, or culture – it’s our relationships that wound us, and it is primarily through relationships that we heal.

The core relationship we consider is that of your relationship with your self – the self that developed and has been sustained through what you’ve come to believe about life. This self has been profoundly influenced and impacted by the myriad of relationships that you’ve had or are in currently. We look at all those relationships to discern whether you’ve come to believe a lie, a half-truth, or the dignified and core truth about yourself.  The counseling relationship, to the degree a therapist has done the work him or herself, can provide a corrective relational experience and enable a move toward wholeness.

Healthy relationships are foundational constructs for creating healthy individuals and thus healthy societies – we focus on creating strong relationships. Since marriage and committed relationships are essential toward this endeavor – we have marriage and couples counseling as 1 of 3 main areas of focus at Stronghouse Counseling.

In the context of couples counseling – we provide parenting support and acknowledge it as part and parcel to aiding in an individual’s development. Sometimes parenting is addressed in the context of couples counseling, and sometimes it is addressed in a separate format – most often through a parent coaching consultation. Much of counseling, and societal structures in general, are reactionary rather than preventative. We seek to be preventative at the relational, pre-marriage, and marriage level.

If you are a single parent – we want to come alongside you and support you with the same principles that we use in parent coaching with couples. Single parenthood and or co-parenting can be challenging. We seek to encourage and support you in navigating child-rearing in either situation.

We also focus on anxiety and depression in our practice – the other two key areas and the two most common mental health issues manifesting in society today. Anxiety and depression are normal to human existence, and much of the time “simply” an area of growth that needs to occur. We don’t look at anxiety or depression as an enemy, but as a source of vital information to be used and advance one’s life. We don’t pathologize you – we aim to strengthen and empower you.

We believe that truth is the ultimate value and something to be sought after with one’s fullness of being. Truth seeking is a cornerstone for Stronghouse Counseling and a way of engaging and facilitating the therapeutic process. As such, Stronghouse therapists are forthright in their thoughts, feelings, and opinions as it relates to the therapeutic relationship and as clinically appropriate and supportive to client well-being. We strongly encourage clients to participate in the truth-seeking process.

Our Clients

Our clients come to us to help them resolve and heal conflicts in their relationship with self and others – to learn how to communicate effectively, live with less regrets ,and look back on their lives with pride.

Many of our clients have had success in specific areas of life – financial and career wise perhaps ,yet are struggling to have the same successes in other equally important areas.  Some come with concerns that life has lost its luster and they’re beginning to wonder if there is something more to this life.

Clients tend come to us via word of mouth and often report they sense our warmth, trustworthiness, competency, passion, and dare we say- love. They come to us because we are a specialty service and have specialized training. Client’s report feeling like they are in good hands – not only due to our training background, yet also the personal experiences we have that enhance and support that training. We practice what we teach and do so with humility and respect to those we serve.

Our clients are predominately pre-marriage and married couples, as well as individuals desiring to live their best life. We meet with persons struggling with anxiety, depression, stage of life, and meaning related issues. Angie predominately works with women 18 and older struggling with anxiety. She will meet with younger clients, couples, and offer parent coaching on a case-by-case basis. Matt works with couples primarily and also works with adults 18 years of age and older in the areas of depression, anxiety, and life stage issues. He will also meet with younger clients and offer parent coaching on a case-by-case basis.