Matt McClenahan, LISW

Matt McClenahan, LISW

You do not have to be alone in your struggles, there is hope, & there are pathways for you to obtain the relationship & life you want. It is my passion & life’s work to help couples build their best relationship & individuals live their best life. Whether you are having marital or relationship difficulties, struggling with depression or anxiety, or simply feeling lost in life, I would be honored to walk along side you & work with you toward achieving that which has brought you and/or your loved one to counseling. I love my job, actually, it’s not my job, it’s my calling – which means it’s not work, it’s a joy. Hearing your story, and being invited into that story as a trusted support and guide is a beautiful, humbling, & rich experience that I hold as sacred.

In recent years, while still meeting with individuals, I have increasingly focused on marriage & couples counseling. Also mentioned in our “Why Us” section of the website –

“As our marriages and relationships go, so goes the family, as the family goes, so goes the individual, as the individual goes, so goes the society. With that understanding [I} aim to help couples build a strong relationship house, relatedly parents raise their children more effectively, and individuals find a pathway toward a hope filled and meaningful life – focusing in the area of couples counseling leads not only to marital, relational, and individual good, yet also the common good……Our homes are our sanctuaries – creating strong marriages & relationships enables a sense of safety and security – a sanctuary from the world and a key foundation for facing life’s difficulties.”

As a therapist I practice what I “preach” and have done my own personal work to have a strong & sustaining marriage, an optimum child rearing (so far) experience, and a personal life, that while imperfect, is full of contentment and satisfaction.  My story is one of overcoming, beating the odds, and obtaining success and fulfillment.  This story is shared with you as clinically appropriate and beneficial to your growth. While I cannot claim credit for the grace that afforded me the life desired (albeit not without difficulties), I have come to know some of the signposts that lead to a life well lived. I humbly declare, that I look forward to sharing with you what I’ve learned along this life’s journey and the ‘road less traveled.”

While my training and experience is very relevant to serving you – I have worked for county mental health, the Veterans Administration, addiction treatment programs, and in recent years committed myself to private practice – it is the therapeutic relationship that we build that will prove most helpful. My approach to counseling is eclectic, yet I draw upon evidence-based practices to secure the most advantageous outcomes. The core marriage and relationship approach I use is Gottman based. Other primary approaches used are cognitive behavioral therapy, relational therapy, positive psychology, & logotherapy. Let’s journey together to mend your relationship, build your sense of confidence & resiliency, & foundationally -build your STRONGHOUSE.