Telemental Health Services

Telemental Health Services

We have met the requirements in the state of Ohio to provide telemental health services through use of phone and video sessions. You have a choice to receive in-person, phone, or virtual video appointments. Our practice uses the HIPAA-compliant service, Therapy Notes, to provide video services. This can be used to facilitate our sessions if you are unable to come in person due to physical health, emergency situations, living within another area of Ohio, or simply due to personal preference.

Note: Before you decide to engage in telemental health services, it is important we make you aware of the benefits and limitations of this service, though this is not an exhaustive list. Benefits to telemental health sessions may include – a more flexible schedule, a familiar setting that may increase vulnerability, convenience, time saved by not commuting, and the decrease in fears of seeing someone you know at the office. Some limitations include technology glitches, slow internet, low resolution, or dropped calls. At a deeper therapeutic level there are concerns about the efficacy of online therapy as this has not been studied long term. In person therapy allows for a multi-dimensional connection; this multi-dimensional connection allows for fuller engagement of the senses, access to a variety of modalities and interventions, and allowance for a more thorough assessment and evaluation.

We are happy to accommodate any of the above approaches to therapy, and support you in the choice you make –Growth occurs in each type of therapy per our experience. If you would like to engage in therapy through Telemental Health Services, please let us know and we will guide you through the process.

See you soon,

Matt & Angie McClenahan